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Wish granted
"Merry Christmas? No, Merry-Wish-Day6!"

Last winter, when all the streets played Christmas carols, an unusual song caught a girl’s attention who was strolling with her dog. The lyrics were incomprehensive, the song captured her heart anyhow. A powerful feeling hit her heart when she heard a couple of the unfamiliar lyrics ? this is how the relationship of Amaya Ruiz (Florida, U.S.A) and K-POP musician Day6 began. 

"Shoot at me bang-bang, it's better, better, better. I'm so used to it. Just shoot me, shoot me if it makes you better.”

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

Amaya is a special little girl. Two years ago, she felt uncomfortable, so she visited the hospital. She was diagnosed with leukemia. Amaya, who has survived tough chemotherapy treatments, is still on medication, leaving only the final stage of the treatment to come. "K-Pop healed Amaya's heart. Whenever she was depressed, she always listened to songs and cheered up. Brandy Ruiz Amaya's mother says K-pop is very special to her.

In fact, her cell phone playlist is filled with 11 hours of K-pop songs. To Amaya who says that her favourite songs change depending on the weather and the circumstances of the day, K-pop is not just music, rather it is her life that is valuable. Amaya likes Day6 among K-pop artists. She likes to play music instruments, and after she saw that the members of Day6 play the instruments themselves, she could feel how Day6 truly love music and she decided to call them as ‘musician’. She also went to the Day6 concert in Miami on September 18th event though she was on her treatment session.

Amaya’s one true wish was: "I want to meet with Day6 and take guitar lessons from Jae." This wish was delivered to JYP Entertainment through Make-A-Wish.

Amaya and her family were officially invited to the ‘Christmas Special Concert ‘The Present’ by JYP Entertainment that was held on December 21 at the Olympic Park in Seoul. The flight took 19 hours to come to Korea, but Amaya looked excited rather than exhausted.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

"I still can't believe it. I’m so excited."
She entered the concert hall, but she still could not believe she was going to meet with Day6. However, her dream became a reality. On top of that, it was the happiest reality in the world. Thousands of fans were enjoying the concert by cheering to the artists and singing all together. When the sound of the cheers was on the peak, Jae, whom she most wanted to meet, found her and hugged her, and then vanished after he handed her a flower.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

After she felt the tears on her cheek, she realized that this dream-like moment was real. Her fantastic moments continued. Amaya met Jae in the waiting room through a meet & greet event. She expressed her joy with hug and cheers. Jae comforted her with a hug.

"What song did you say you wanted to learn?"
After hearing that she wished to learn guitar from him, Jae brought over a chair and started guitar lessons face to face. "Place one finger here and the other one here. I'll hold your fingers for you." Jae was sweet showing her the position one by one, helping her to fix her finger.  

"This is a present for you. I signed the back of the guitar. This is my Christmas present for you."

Jae gives a Christmas greeting to Amaya, surprising her by giving her a guitar he used during the lesson. It was a surprise gift from Jae for Amaya, who had to stop playing the guitar because of chemotherapy treatment. Amaya could not believe it, she could not hide her shock and kept looking back and forth at Jae and the guitar. It was time to talk with the members of Day6 after the lesson. For Amaya, who's been looking forward to spending time with Day6, it was a gift like nothing else in the world. The hour-long meeting ended with the words "let's hug all together" and all the members hugged Amaya.

"I had a great day today. They approached me without reserve and we shared a lot of stories. Among the many moments, learning to play the guitar from Jae was the best. Day6, they are perfect. I had a great time. I even think that Christmas will not be special to me. For me, Christmas is just an ordinal day. Today is a special and cherished day. That is how I loved today.”
Amaya’s impression that Christmas, which is a special day for everyone around the world, has become a rather normal day has shown us what the meeting with Day6 meant for her. Also, it was a special moment for the Day6 members who spent a long time together with their fans, leaving their tiredness behind after the performance. They told Amaya, "you’ve made us achieve the dream we've wanted since we were children,” and this touched the hearts of everyone at the scene.

"Please deliver it to Amaya."
10:52 PM
About an hour after the meeting between Amaya and Day6, a text message was received from JYP Entertainment’s corporate social responsibility staff. It contained a wide range of restaurant names, menus, and locations. At the end of the message, it said, "There are so many places to introduce, but I don't think Amaya can eat spicy food well, so I just organize this much and send it to you. Please deliver it." It was a message from the Day6 members because they said they were disappointed that their meeting with Amaya didn’t last long enough and wanted to introduce her to delicious restaurants.

"I like their music, but I also, like more when they truly show themselves."
It was a moment when we understood the reason why she likes Day6 so much.

Watch the video of Amay's unforgettable meeting with Day6