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Wish granted
DAY6 encouraged me to overcome anything!

DAY6 encouraged me to overcome anything!


Child information: Kim Yoonju(pseudonym), 19 years old, malignant lymphoma patient


Kim, Yoonju (pseudonym), a Wish Kid, liked DAY6 very much. She was happy when she was watching DAY6 videos, 

and among them, the video “Wonpil overcomes” encouraged Yoonju the most when she was tired. 

After she was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma in 2020 and was fighting against cancer, the video “Wonpil overcomes” became Yoonju's unique spell and encouraged her to overcome cancer.


“I thank DAY6 for being with me when I was having a hard time.”

Yoonju, who was struggling against cancer for a long time, met the Make-A-Wish Korea volunteer team and shared her wishes with them. Yoonju, who always warmly smiled, used to smile especially brightly when she was listening to DAY6 stories. She talked about DAY6 every time she was thinking about wishes, 

and ultimately said, “I want to meet DAY6, who encouraged me during the most difficult cancer treatment, 

and I want to express my gratitude.”


Her earnest wish was delivered to JYP Entertainment. So Yoonju's wish could come true,

JYP Entertainment promoted an online meeting in consideration of the COVID-19 situation and carefully prepared Wish Day to present one special day to Yoonju.


Finally, the day when Yoonju's wish comes true, "Wish Day" arrived.

Wonpil sincerely answered Yoonju's questions and sang "Wish Me Good Luck", 

listed on his first regular solo album, Pilmography.

To Yoonju, who said that she had used all of her luck to fight cancer, Wonpil said, 

“Luck doesn't come only once, but will come back to you again next time. So Yoonju,

I hope you keep your wishes for luck.” While giving more support to Yoonju's future life, he deeply affected her.


During the meeting, Yoonju kept happily smiling.

As something for Yoonju to keep, he made precious memories by taking four photos and handing out his autograph.


Lastly, Yoonju wrapped up the meeting by sending her message of support and thanks to Wonpil.


이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

“I got the strength to overcome everything in the future.”

Since Wish Day, Yoonju thanked us. She said, “I can believe that my wish actually came true, 

and that it was the happiest day of my life. Also, Wonpil's encouragement will make me overcome anything in the future.”


She thanked Wonpil for inviting her to the concert after Wish Day.

Yoonju, who had a great time at the concert, made a promise to always root for DAY6.



Thank you to DAY6, Wonpil, JYP Entertainment, and Make-A-Wish for making Yoonju's wish to meet DAY6 come true.