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Wish granted
I wish to make my own emoticons!
* All donation goes directly to Make-A-Wish Korea. We are informing you that the organisation that collects and uses donations is the Make-A-Wish Korea.
* Due to the change in the fundraising system, We inform you that the donations you donated will be reflected in the next day.

On your special day, 
please give hope and courage to children with incurable diseases with JYP Entertainment artists that you support!

What is an EDM Anniversary Donation?
It is a donation program that distributes the happiness of all my special anniversaries, including the birthday, debut date, and album release date of artists you support, your birthday, graduation, first salary, marriage, and the birth of children.

◈ How to participate in the EDM anniversary donation?
STEP 1. Anniversary donation
└ Click the ‘donation’ button.

STEP 2. Leave a message of support for children with incurable diseases
└ After completing the donation, Please leave a message of support that will be delivered to the children with incurable diseases.

STEP 3. Apply for the Donation certificate
└ Please enter the necessary information for the donation certificate issuance.
A donation certificate with a photo of your favorite artists is issued.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

※ Notes for donation certificate application
Please apply for the donation certificate through the Google Form link 'Apply for the donation certificate' above.
The donation certificate is provided only in a basic form made with undisclosed photos of the artist.

◈ How are the donations used?
The anniversary donation are delivered to the Make-A-Wish Korea through the EDM project under the name of the donor and artists, and are used to fulfill the wishes of Yeojin WishKid.

‘On a special day, please join us so that your happiness can become a dream of Yeojin (alias)!’

Yeojin Kim (alias)/born 2007/Aplastic anemia

*Aplastic anemia: A disease characterized by impaired hematopoietic function with pancytopenia in which the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are all decreased.

When asked, "What's your dream?" Yeojin always answered, "I want to become a teacher." She thought it was a really cool thing to teach someone. It was her unchanging dream, but she gave it up when she entered middle school.

Two years ago, she would start to get a bruise or two that she wouldn’t know when or where they occurred, and that symptom that was thought of as minor led to a disease called *aplastic anemia.

Fortunately, she underwent a hematopoietic stem cell transplant, but as she had to stay in a hospital for a long time to get treatments due to side effects, the number of things she had to give up increased.

At that age, she had to worry about her health rather than the friendship, studying, high school, and dreams that her friends worried about.

When will Yeojin, who lost her dream after fighting disease, be able to imagine a future with ordinary worries like her friends?

‘Together, let’s fulfill her wishes and let her fly towards her dreams.’

Yeojin wants to recover her health as soon as possible and enjoy ordinary things. She has to endure a slightly different time from her friends, but she is more special than anyone else.

She is curious and interested in various fields, so she wants to experience many things. She is not afraid to try and challenge herself to new things. She also knows how to hold others' helping hands without prejudice.

To give her a special day gift, we asked Yeojin, “What kind of wish do you want to make come true?” 
What kind of wish will Yeojin, who had no dreams at her first meeting, tell? To help Yeojin to fulfill her wishes and fly towards her dream, she needs a lot of attention and support. Please join us on the journey to make her Wish Day, the day when wishes come true.

◈ The power of wishes that enable incurable children to dream
Children go to the hospital due to a sudden high fever and pain. There, they are diagnosed with an incurable disease and start a long struggle in the hospital without even saying goodbye to their friends. Even after a long tunnel-like treatment, they cannot live normal lives as before due to their weakened immunity.

Although they can't play as much as they used to or eat their favorite foods, children with incurable diseases spread their imaginations thinking about their wishes. Please participate in the EDM anniversary sponsorship so that children with incurable diseases do not give up on their dreams just because they are sick, and so that more children can dream to the fullest.

The more love you have, the more children with incurable diseases can achieve their dreams.
Please join us so that the good influence of artists and fans can reach far!

 “I want to make emoticons on my iPad!”

Yeojin Kim(assumed name)/15-year-old/ Aplastic anemia

* Aplastic anemia: The function and cellularity of bone marrow cells decrease due to various causes. Bone marrow tissue is replaced by fat, resulting in pancytopenia, leading to decreases in red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets 

Scholastic Yeojin

Yeojin is so devoted to study and scholastic that she spends time at a library on her own even during vacation. It seems she has a lot of worries about her studies as she can't go to school properly. During the meeting with the volunteer team, we found out Yeojin's concern was about her future career path and studies. So we conducted a career aptitude test for Yeojin. As a result, Yeojin has a high level of creativity and hand skill. We could see that she is deeply interested in drawing and writing.

Career Aptitude Test Result

High Level of Social Skill ? High level of socializing with others

Creativity ? Tend to think something new and creative

Hand Skill ? apt to make something with hands/handcrafts


I want to make an emoticon

After a long time of thinking, she made her wish to use her talent to make an emoticon. She needed a tablet to draw various emoticons, so she decided to take an emoticon class. She told us about what kind of emoticon she would like to make and how to take the emoticon class. As for the class, we decided to take an online one-on-one class with the teacher who has released the emoticon.

Yeojin deciding which course to take

Wish Day only for Yeojin

The volunteer team prepared Yeojin's Wish Day without hesitation. We decided the color and size of the items for Wish Day, because what she wanted was very clear and she expressed it clearly. However, there was a lot of concern about whether Yeojin can make the emoticon, which was her wish. The volunteer team members and the foundation officials produced a video letter together to prepare a message of support for Yeojin. In addition, a former Wish Ambassador who lived in the neighborhood, joined the program as a volunteer and participated to celebrate Yeojin's Wish Day, making her Wish Day more meaningful.

After decorating Yeojin's house for about an hour with her amazing family, volunteers who couldn’t make it to attend the party made a video call to celebrate Yeojin's Wish Day. Everything from the Wish Day was special, from awarding certificates, video letters, gift unboxing, to cake cutting ceremony. In particular, Yeojin's family read the certificate several times with tears on the story that Yeojin wrote the copies of certificate herself during the certificate awarding event. While unwrapping the presents, “There are so many presents!” her surprised look was really lovely as well. It was Yeojin who kept saying thank you over and over again every time she unwrapped the gift box. The family also had a special experience because it was the first time having a party like this, and Yeojin went through a hard time during medical treatment.