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Wish granted
I hope to make lots of memories with mom and dad.

I want to go picnic on my wheelchair! 

(Jeong Seon-Yu / 11 yrs old / spinal muscular dystrophy ) 


(spinal muscular dystrophy: an hereditary motor neuron disorder that comes from continuous regression of motor neurons between spine and lower part of the brain )


* Jeong Seon-Yu’s wish has come true by the amount of money donated through the fund raised for Stray Kids’ debut anniversary.


Seon-Yu had visited Seoul National University Hospital for not being able to have his neck straight for over 100 days after his birth. The result of thorough examination was ‘spinal muscular dystrophy’. It is not a disease that treatment can make some great effect but Seon-Yu is not losing his brave attitude and getting physical and occupational therapy.


Seon-Yu has got a new hobby

Recently he got a new hobby since he has been staying in his bed all day, it’s a ‘picnic’ with his mom

and dad. His curiosity about outside world has been increased since going outside wasn’t easy for him.


First meet with MAKE-A-WISH teachers and Seon-Yu

MAKE-A-WISH teachers in their blue T-shirts caught Seon-Yu’s eyes who liked the color blue. He looked shy of strangers at first but we could see his eyes twinkling in curiosity looking at the teachers. To get familiar with him MAKE-A-WISH teachers approached to Seon-Yu first and made a good and comfortable time talking to each other.


What is Seon-Yu’s wish?

Thanks to Seon-Yu’s parents and an assistant teacher, we had a time for getting to know the biggest wish of Seon-Yu. He had told us many wishes including watching fireworks and making a robot but we focused on what he wants to do the most at this moment and fixed his final wish as ‘an wheelchair that can be used for going outside’.


Excited for preparing the Wish-day