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Wish granted
I am going to be a volleyball player!

I wish to learn volleyball professionally.

Lee Lisa (False Name) / 11 years old / acute myeloid leukemia


* Acute myeloid leukemia is an acute disease in which cancerous mutations occur in precursor cells or stem cells in the early stages of myeloid white blood cells, resulting in excessive division, severe decrease in immune system and bleeding, paralyzing normal bone marrow function, and dying within months if not treated.


*The Wish of Lee Lisa has been achieved by the fund raised for the anniversary donation V2.1.

Lisa is a child who’s always bright and loves talking with people. She wants to be a volleyball player so much that since the middle school she’s going to enroll has no volleyball club she even wants to make one.


Lisa, who first got interest in volleyball by watching ‘High-Q’ animation, was fascinated in how the main character in ‘Hi-Q’ grows through volleyball and began to dream about being a volleyball player. After having a volleyball class in school P.E class she thought she wants to learn volleyball professionally by academy lesson, too. The final wish was decided as getting a lesson from a professional volleyball academy.


To choose the academy for Lisa, we gave her several options of academies chosen by considering the distance from home, public transportations, the level of classes, and the date of classes so she could pick on her own. Also we’d asked a small favor for GScaltex volleyball team to if they could send Lisa a cheer-up video message, and so thankfully, Kim Yuri player willingly sent us the video message of support despite of our expectation that it would be difficult for her to make it during their training season. And also she gave us a sign ball, a kalimba, and a volleyball magazine so Lisa could reach her dream one step closer.


The wish day we’ve all waited for!


이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

When we saw Lisa on-line she was very talkative, but when we met her in reality she was very shy. For the first part of wish day we had time for introducing Lisa’s Wish. Lisa said, “Volleyball is an activity that makes me happy and cheerful just by playing it”. With the introduction we provided her lesson tickets for volleyball academy, and watched the video message from Kim Yuri player. Being encouraged by real player and congratulated for her Wish day was such a meaningful memory to Lisa.

Volunteer team sang her Wish-Day-Song giving her the custom-made cake that has her favorite anime character of ‘High-Q’ on it. Lisa showed some tears, seemed very unexpected. “I really love the cake and it was so touching.” For long she didn’t stop crying and we together were very touched too.

After cake time we had a happy game time which is made of quizzes made based on the activities that we have done so far and if Lisa guesses the answer correctly she gets tickets to open gifts. She got all the 7 questions correct and opened the gift. We took pictures of her glad face opening the gift and enjoying the game, made a polaroid album by those photos and handed it to her.

The Wish day that Lisa, her family and all the Wish-Angels made together remained as an unforgettable memory to all of us.


Kim Dowon Volunteer

I happily waited for every Wednesday to meet Lisa. I still think ‘I should’ve prepared it from earlier so I could’ve done it more slowly in detail.’ And being a leader of a team was a new experience to me, and that made me feel the responsibility as a leader and how unskilled I was too. I felt very lost about leading the team when I started the project, but thanks to Wing teacher’s help I could’ve made it here. Thank you so much Wing for being a wing to our team!


Son Myung-Hee Volunteer

I loved playing games with Lisa. I was really glad since the Wish-day was the day Lisa’s wish was achieved but also felt bad about the project was ending. I learned many things from the teammates who considered each other all the time. Thank you to Lisa and volunteer team! And lastly Wing teacher, thank you for teaching my role as a clerk and giving us helpful feedbacks checking our procedures!

I think everyone’s effort have made the Wish-day successful!


Jang Hyun-jung Volunteer

I’m so thankful to Lisa who followed us well and enjoyed the project with us. Her bright and cheerful attitude removed all my worries and stress. I appreciate Lisa and teammates so much. 


Saito Manatsu Volunteer

Spending 3 months with Lisa was so nice and I’d waited for every Wednesday. It’s too bad that I can’t see her when the Wish-day ends. Also I was so happy to meet 3 volunteers through this project and I appreciate to them who were my first friends in Korea.


Thank you to all the fans who helped together to make Lisa’s wish come true!