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Wish granted
For my family and me who had hard time during the medical treatment I wish to have a Hotel Vacation

I wish to make a happy day with my family who had hard time during the medical treatment.

Jeong Min Jun (False Name)/ 20 years old/  Acute lymphocytic leukemia


* Acute lymphocytic leukemia : A blood cancer that occurs in lymphocytic cells in the blood and bone marrow, caused by overgrowth of white blood cells in the lymphocytic system while the cells are immature and inhibiting normal hematopoietic function, Usually defined as lymphocytic leukemia when lymphocytes account for more than 20% of bone marrow or peripheral blood, and usually occurs in children

* Achieving Jeong Min Jun’s wish was supported by the amount of money donated for V4.2 anniversary fund collection box.


Minjun had been to hospital several times for having a terrible pain in his waist in May 2014. The doctor had recommended him to get a thorough examination at the university hospital and at the university hospital Minjun was diagnosed as acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Minjun had a long time thinking about his wish. When he was thinking about it happily the misfortune named ‘relapse’ had come to him. The longer the time of getting anti-cancer therapy went on, the more desperate achieving the wish became too.

Because of the anti-cancer therapy and transplantation there were lots of times when he couldn’t eat freely, and that made Minjun watch ‘Muk-Bang(Eating Video)’ whenever he had time. Since he couldn’t eat raw food because of the treatment the most thing he ever wanted to eat was sushi, as it was his favorite food.

As his condition got better, he deeply thought about what would be a meaningful wish, and decided to have a nice time for healing and having delicious food with his family who spent all the good and bad time with him. And with the most cheerful voice he’s ever had he said “I want to provide my family a delicious meal and holiday!”.


Since he was a big fan of ‘Mukbang’, he started to look for the restaurant he’d visit with his family all by himself and the volunteer team also examined for the proper hotel for Minjun’s need. Minjun, who was shy usually, was very active at the moment.


The ‘Hotel Vacation’ plan that Minjun had made from A to Z was all fixed and the volunteer team had made the reservation for Minjun. The restaurant that Minjun has chosen was one of the representative Sushi place in Korea and was only open for members. It was the place where only members could make a reservation but the team carefully made a contact and explained about his story, and again carefully asked for a favor to make a reservation. The chef was inspired by Minjun’s passion and mind and gladly gave us his time for a Wish day. 


The wish day we’ve all waited for!

Minjun said he couldn’t sleep at the night before Wish day. He was so excited about the thought that he was going to the fine restaurant that he could only watch on Youtube with his family and they were all nervous before their visit. Minjun, who had visited his ‘DREAM’ restaurant, said “I took every picture of the plates every time they were served, I think I can’t visit here again! And the sushi was so delicious compared to other restaurants!!” in his excited voice, and his mother was smiling looking at Minjun and his family trying to eat the food slow to feel and taste each food well.

At the hotel Minjun was delightful throwing his body on the bed and enjoyed swimming with family in the pool. His mother said she was so thankful that she could enjoy swimming again with his son who’d become a grown man, looking back to the time when he was little.

And then his parents held a surprise party for Minjun. Minjun who was invited to the party had felt an unforgettable moment getting a prize and taking a photo with his family.


It reminds me of my family that they had hard time with me when I was sick and I felt so nice that I gave them a present that they couldnt experience usually. Having a wonderful experience like this, I think I want to take my family to there again. On my way home I thought it was a nice decision to make a wish that I could experience something unusual, and most of all it was nice to spend time with my family since there wasnt enough time to spend together recently. To me, the fact that I was sick was often hard and too sad to accept, but achieving the wish by Make-A-Wish made me feel cheerful and thankful. I hope many people could be noticed about Make-A-Wish. It was a really wonderful and happy experience, and I will study hard and come back again with my family some day!


Minjun’s mother left a message of thank-you, too.

When I saw my family being happy going outside and experiencing new things I thought I have to do this more,