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Wish granted
I can’t believe my wish is achieved.

I wish to have a room covered all over with my favorite character.

Seo Hyun-Seo / 18 yrs old / Adrenoleukodystrophy 


* Also called as ‘Lorenzo Oil Disease’ and caused by an abnormality of X chromosome gene which is a sex chromosome, and is a rare disease that the “very long chain fatty acid (VLCFA)” goes into the brain without being decomposed and destroys nerve cells


* Seo Hyun-seo’s wish has been achieved by the fund raised for the EDM Anniversary Donation V3.1.


Hyun-Seo was diagnosed by genetic testing, and has done an hematopoietic stem cell transplantation received from other person in 2016. Follow-up monitoring is being done for her currently.


My Wish is.

During achieving her wish project, Hyun-Seo couldn’t go on with the wish project due to her condition problem. The endless busy schedules made the wish day delayed and delayed. Getting her medical treatments she had slowly recovered, and despite the difficult situation that she had to visit Seoul 2-3 times in a week for the preparing for a kidney transplant, she positively participated for the wish project. Hyun-Seo had thought for herself for long and had conversations with the volunteer team, told us she wants to have her own room.

Hyun-Seo, who had to sleep in the middle of the living room of house crowded with luggages, wanted to take a rest in her own room.


If I could get a room decorated with my favorite characters”

Living in the hospital, cartoon has been her best friend. She could bear the boring life in hospital reading cartoons. Among all the cartoons there was her favorite character, and when we asked why it was her favorite, she answered with her bright smile:

I love her cute round face.’ When we told her to imagine the character everywhere her face was filled with happiness.

 이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

I’m so happy with the room full of cartoon characters!

The volunteer team headed to her house with all the items we prepared for decorating her room with her favorite character. She was already having fun in her own room with newly delivered bed and she even slept on it already. Seeing her being happy with her new bed the volunteer team put all our efforts to decorate her room. We all worked on it hard hoping her to rest and spend her own time in her room.

Hyun-Seo, who was waiting with excitement, showed her happy face when she finally saw the room all newly decorated. She said “Wow there’re really lots of characters.’, ‘It’s the character everywhere.’ She talked about things she would to with the items she got and showed us enthusiasm.

She also told us thank you and expressed her feeling when the wish day was ending.


Kim Soo-In Volunteer

Since Hyun-Seo has been waiting for her wish to be achieved for long I wanted to see her being happy too. I wouldn’t ever forget her smily face in her room full of Dora-emongs. I truly wish for her happiness to be continued in the future!

Kim Jin-Young Volunteer

Seeing Hyun-Seo being happy and shyly enjoying her new room I was also happy too. It wasn’t easy preparing for the wish day, but I could imagine her sleeping in her new bed and new room. When we first visited Hyun-Seo’s house she was sleeping on the living room floor with blankets, but from now on I wish she could sleep in her new bed comfortably and take a rest. I also wish she could remember the wish day and gain hopes whenever she looks at the Dora-emong items we gave. Hyun-Seo, I’m always on your side!

Yoon Hyun-Ju Volunteer

I was so glad that Hyun-Seo has recovered her health and get together again. Since we’ve waited for long till achieving the wish I wanted to make her an unforgettable wish day and wanted her to know there’s always someone who’s thinking and hoping for her happiness.

I think I won’t ever forget Hyun-Seo who showed us the brightest smile on her wish day. I hope for her future being healthier and taking a rest comfortably.

Thank you for all the fans who cooperated with warm hearts for achieving Hyun-Seo’s wish.