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Wish granted
Amazing Lego World appeared in Seong-Ju’s room

I wish to have many Legos!

Cho Seong-Ju / 16 yrs old / medulloblastoma 


* medulloblastoma: Occurs from primary nerve cells, and mostly occurs in the cerebellum and occipital (the place that supports the cerebellum). It is the second most common among all tumors, and the most common in under the age of 7. Cancer cells metastasize along the cerebrospinal fluid, and sometimes goes out of the skull. Symptoms such as increased cerebral pressure, hydrocephalus, motor disorders, and cerebral nerve paralysis appear.



* Cho Seong-Ju’s wish was achieved by the fund raised for the EDM anniversary 3.2 donation.


At first it was just a headache. He visited nearby hospital, not taking it that serious, but it was revealed as medulloblastoma. During the anti-cancer therapy continued for step 1, and step 2 and the stem cell transplantation young Seong-Ju had hard days repeating all the treatments.


Seong-Ju got a new hobby

Due to the side effect of anti-cancer therapy, Seong-Ju had to stay home for long time with lower ability of digestive organs and hearing organs. The way he could touch the world was Youtube. Among all the attractive Youtube contents the most eye-catching thing to Seong-Ju was Legos. Especially watching the ‘Modular’ series, which was a large building, he began to dream of building his own lego city.