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Wish granted
I want to make my own cute emoticons.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

"We are grateful towards the fans who supported the dreams of children with critical illnesses."

In celebration of J.Y. Park's 27th anniversary ,

J.Y. Park's fan Soulmate's J.Y. Park's anniversary donation has been made.

Fans' heartful funds will be used to help children with critical illnesses continue to dream their hopes. 

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

I want to make my own cute emoticons.

Yejin Kim (pseudonym) / Age 15 / Acute bone marrow leukemia

(Yejin (pseudonym)'s wish came true using the money donated to the J.Y. Park 27th Anniversary donation box.)

* Acute bone marrow leukemia: During the differentiation stage of bone marrow leukocytes, cancerous mutations occur in precursor cells or stem cells at the initial stage, resulting in excessive divisions that paralyze normal bone marrow function and severe immune function decline and bleeding. It is an acute disease that causes death within months if not treated.

Yejin had to stay at home due to COVID-19 and met the Make-A-Wish volunteer team when she was tired of the same daily life. Yejin, who was bored with her daily life, began to find vitality by thinking about her wishes. One day, while Yejin was thinking carefully about her wish, she said that she thought that if she had an iPad, she could enjoy her various hobbies. She said, “If I get an iPad as a wish, I will draw, make my own emoticons, and watch my favorite movies and dramas,” with her face flushed.


After confirming her wish, we started Wish Day with the volunteer team and Yejin, her mother, and sister through an online videoconference platform. First, the overall schedule of Wish Day was explained, and then the cake cutting ceremony was held. When delivering the iPad, her wish item, along with everyone's congratulatory applause, Yejin smiled brightly, which she had never done before. Even her mother was happy to say that Yejin loved her iPad! And the volunteer team held a surprise event for Yejin. It was time to show the emoticons that Yejin had wished for. It was a short time, but she made a cute emoticon and took the time to mail it to put it in the goods. She also demonstrated how to submit emoticons to Kakao Talk. Afterwards, Yejin, who had a good time playing games with the volunteer team, left a thank-you note after finishing Wish Day.

“I really wanted an iPad and was so happy that my wish came true!

I am happy that there are Wish Angels and a foundation that makes wishes come true!!”


Once again, thank you to the CSR team of JYP Entertainment for supporting Yejin's wish in coming true.

Volunteer team’s comment.
As a leader of the Wish Angel volunteer group that could make Yejin's wishes come true, I feel proud and think that I had a time that I will never experience again. I was also happy to see Yejin having fun through our activities and be happy with her iPad. Yejin made another wish while blowing out the candles on the cake on Wish Day, and I hope that wish will come true.


Volunteer Haeun Lee’s comment
It was good to learn a lot about Yejin through several zoom meetings with her. I was very proud to see Yejin happy when her wishes came true, and I hope many of Yejin's wishes come true in the future.


Volunteer Hyewon Kim’s comment
It took a long time for Yejin's wishes to come true, but I enjoyed the process of meeting and getting to know her. Although it was a pity that I could not meet her face-to-face, I am happy to be part of the volunteer group that made her wishes come true and want to participate in such opportunities again in the future. Thank you!