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Wish granted
I want to have my own laptop.

*All donation goes directly to Make-A-Wish Korea. We are informing you that the organisation that collects and uses donations is the Make-A-Wish Korea.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

“EDM Dream Tree: where dreams come true”
Cheer on the dreams of children with critical illnesses.

“Due to cancer, I was cut off from the world for more than two years undergoing chemotherapy and spent many lonely days without a single friend, which led to depression and a loss of hope to live. I would like to thank the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the precious supporters of whom I don’t even know their names, for showing me love without any strings attached.”
- Excerpt from EDM Wish Kid Hwang Chan-Ha’s Thank You Letter

What does “Granting a Wish” mean?
Dreams that children with incurable diseases have cherished while fighting against their illnesses strengthen their will to treat them. The wish-granting process gives these children the opportunity to experience the world outside the hospital, restores the childish feelings, and creates positive changes that return the lives of all family members to normalcy.

About 6,000 children who are suffering from incurable diseases every year.
The Make-A-Wish Korea grants the wishes of more than 300 children each year. However, there are still many sick children who have not yet fulfilled their wishes.

For children who do not know that they can apply to grant their wishes, we launched the 'EDM Dream Tree' project to help more children work toward their dreams without losing hope.

These children cannot walk freely on winter streets filled with pretty street decorations due to their weakened immune systems. Due to the coronavirus that plagued 2020, events held at hospitals were also cancelled, so children living in hospitals did not have the opportunity to have a "childish time."

In celebration of Christmas, when children can be excited and laugh freely, EDM is planning to install a ‘EDM Dream Tree where Sick Children’s Dreams Come True" in the paediatric department of Samsung Medical Centre.
They will be excited to think about what their dreams are, put their own decorations on the EDM Dream Tree, and imagine their exciting dreams as they look forward to the day when their dreams come true.

All of the donations will be used to fulfil the dreams of a children with critical illnesses who made a wish in the ‘EDM Dream Tree.’ Let’s feel the warmth together through sharing!

Every Dream Matters!
Please support children's dreams so that they can continue to dream and not give up just because they are sick!
For those who have sponsored more than 30,000 KRW(30 USD), we will send you the EDM Dream Tree mini wreath ornament kit.(for the image, see below)
이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.
*Due to the Coronavirus, sending a parcel is not available at the moment. For foreign donors, those only who has an address in Korea can receive the Ornament kit. 
*The kit has two colours(white/gold and red/green), you cannot choose the colour. The kit will be sent randomly.

We support the wishes of the children with critical illnesses and everything you dream of.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.
I want to have my own laptop.
Kyungchae Song / Age 13 / Anal deformity, heart disease, chronic lung disease, etc.

(Kyungchae (pseudonym)'s wish came true using the money donated to the EDM anniversary V2.2 donation box.)

* ① Anorectal malformation - Also called closed anus, it is a type of congenital malformation in which a child is born without a hole in the normal anus and only shows slight pigmentation. This occurs in about 2 out of 10,000 people. This malformation, especially if the urethra and rectum are not properly separated, requires three stages of step-by-step surgery (artificial anal surgery, anal and rectal separation, and anal reconstruction surgery) and requires a long bowel training process. It is often accompanied by other malformations (heart, lungs, spine, brain, retina, etc.).
②Ventricular septal defect - a disease in which there is a hole in the middle wall between the left and right ventricles.
③Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - a respiratory disease in which airflow restrictions occur along with abnormal inflammatory reactions in the lungs caused by the inhalation of harmful particles or gases such as cigarette smoke. Inflammation persists for a long time, causing the walls of the bronchial tubes to thicken and mucus to be secreted. When the alveoli become thinner and stretched, the air does not escape enough when exhaling, causing breathing difficulties.

Kyungchae was born with disabilities. Kyungchae, who has both intellectual and physical disabilities due to an unknown cause of paralysis, underwent treatment in various fields such as speech therapy, rehabilitation, and sensory integration therapy. He was able to speak only simple words due to a grade 3 brain lesion and a grade 2 intellectual disability. However, now he sometimes uses more than one word thanks to his hard work.

Everything was amazing for Kyungchae, who went out into the world for treatment. Because his living environment was very limited due to his long hospital stay, the world was full of things that he had not yet encountered. The scenery outside and the bus he was riding were new to him. Kyungchae's only pleasure was watching these things on YouTube on a laptop. The world unfolding on the screen was a mysterious stimulus to Kyungchae. When Kyungchae was asked what he liked, he said, “A mouse.” Kyungchae, with paralysis on his right hand and arm, manipulated the mouse with his left hand. Since there is nothing that can be done with a laptop without a mouse, he considered the mouse even more valuable than the laptop.

“Kyungchae, it's a laptop only for you!”

A day when wishes come true. Delicious meals and pretty cakes were prepared for Kyungchae’s family, which has many siblings. The whole family sat around to celebrate Kyungchae's wish come true. And finally, Kyungchae got a laptop just for him. Before, Kyungchae used to fold the screen backwards, breaking the family’s laptops. Seeing the laptop which folds back and forth freely brought a smile to the whole family. Kyungchae, who turned on YouTube and looked at the screen, also smiled bashfully.

Thank you to all the sponsors who worked together to make Kyungchae's wish come true. Please cheer for Kyoungchae so that he can experience a wider world and watch what he likes through the presented laptop.