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Wish granted
I will ride my bike to become healthier.

I want to ride a bicycle to regain strength in my legs!

(Junhyun Park (alias), 16 years old, osteosarcoma)

* Junhyun (alias) 's wish was fulfilled through the donations provided to the EDM Memorial Day donation V4.0 fundraising box.

* Osteosarcoma: Osteosarcoma is the most common primary malignant tumor that occurs in bones. It is most common during the rapid growth period of the teens and occurs more frequently in males. It can occur in any bone of the human body, but is most common in bones that grow rapidly, and the most common site is the bone around the knee. Pain and swelling are common symptoms, and the treatment is typically a limb salvage surgery, which involves removing the tumor tissue without amputating the limb and then reconstructing the affected area using various methods.


Junhyun, who loved cars and sports, went to high school in an automotive department, but during his high school years he felt pain in his left knee, and was visited to a nearby orthopedic clinic. After undergoing a thorough examination, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and was hospitalized since. He underwent chemotherapy and knee surgery, and initially used a crutch to walk, but he worked hard on his rehabilitation, and now he can walk without a crutch. He is still receiving chemotherapy and is fighting his illness.

When we first met Junhyun, he was energetic and outgoing. He said his favorite colors are black and white, and that he likes cars and games.

As we continued our meeting, the volunteer team had more diverse conversations with Junhyun. When we talked about bucket lists, Junhyun said he wants to take pictures of bicycles or landscapes with a camera, and we also found out that he is interested in outdoor activities such as sky diving. He also showed us pictures of bicycles he had taken before he got ill, which showed his interest in bicycles.


I want my own bicycle!

Junhyun said he needed more time to think about his wish. After learning about various types wishes through the volunteer team, Junhyun gave it some thought, and he talked about his wish of owning his own bicycle to regain strength in his legs. He said that he used to like riding a bicycle and that he could not exercise much during his illness, so that he wants to regain his healthy body with his own bicycle.


This day feels like a dream!

Junhyun said that Wish Day is like a dream in which all of his wishes, which he could only imagine, are realized. We quickly prepared a Wish Day for Junhyun, as he would have to undergo chemotherapy. The wish day event was held remotely, and we created an atmosphere of a party with banners and balloons, and also prepared a surprise gift for Junhyun. In the screen where Junhyun met the volunteer team, he was smiling brightly. The volunteer team presented him with a ‘brightness award’ and Junhyun was able to feel the warm hearts of both his father and the team through the gift he received.


As the time for Junhyun to receive the gift he had been waiting for arrived, he couldn't hide his excitement and joy as he looked at the gift he had prepared. His anticipation for what the gift could be was too cute as he unwrapped it.

Additionally, sports clothing and bicycle gear, which were in his favorite colors of black and white, were also prepared as a surprise gift for Junhyun. Seeing the gift made him smile so big, that the volunteers could see his smile through his mask.


Junhyun expressed his gratitude to the volunteer team, sponsors, and foundations, saying that today was a wish day that he couldn't express in words how satisfied he was. Junhyun’s father also mentioned that Junhyun would now be able to complete his recovery, and that he felt like shedding tears. The wish day was concluded with the expectation of seeing Junhyun healthy again, riding his new bicycle.


Jieun Lee - Volunteer

We felt extremely sorry for the delay of Wish Day, due to Junhyun's cancer treatment, which made it difficult to schedule the event due to his frequent hospital visits. However, during the Wish Day, when Junhyun was excitedly opening his gifts and had a look of excitement on his face, it made us feel overwhelmed. We were grateful to have been able to participate in a meaningful volunteer event and be a part of Junhyun's Wish Day.


Jinseo Kim - Volunteer

The time we spent with Junhyun was very satisfying, and we were also very happy that he was grateful. I was also curious about how much he would like the gift, which was something he really wanted, and I think the expression on his face when he opened it will be unforgettable. I realized that I had come all this way to see his reaction to the gift. Preparing for Wish Day was a great experience, and I think we made many loving memories to cherish in our hearts.


Dasol Park - Volunteer

Meeting Junhyun was great. Time passed by so quickly. Personally, I talked a lot, always saw him smiling, and it was heart-wrenching to see him in the hospital. I nevertheless really appreciated his determined attitude.