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Wish granted
I'm so happy to meet Stray Kids!

"I can't believe Stray Kids are right in front of me."


Five children talked about their wish to meet Stray Kids and desperately hoped for their wishes to come true. Their nationalities and ages were different, but their love for Stray Kids was the same.


I gained confidence!

Helena Nicuesa from Spain is receiving drug treatment while visiting the hospital for a rare neurological disorder. During her fight against the disease, she became an avid fan of Stray Kids after discovering their song "Miroh." Since then, Stray Kids have become Helena's best friends, bringing her happiness, friendship, love, and gratitude.

Before the Wish Day event, Helena couldn't hide her excitement about meeting Stray Kids. During the meeting, when she was too nervous to continue speaking, Stray Kids encouraged her. She also spent time asking questions she had always been curious about and receiving answers from Stray Kids, enjoying her dream-like time with her favorite artists. Helena never thought her wish to meet Stray Kids would actually come true. However, experiencing her wish come true gave her the confidence that she could achieve any dream in the future, as she showed in her reflection.

It was a fun and exciting time!

Adrianna Delilah Tupaz from Singapore was born with only three heart chambers instead of four due to hypoplastic left heart syndrome. She underwent her first heart surgery at one month old and has had seven surgeries since, with treatment still ongoing.

Adrianna, who loves K-POP, likes Stray Kids the most among the groups. Whenever she was tired of her hospital life, she overcame her difficult times by listening to Stray Kids' music and watching their videos. During the Wish Day event, Adrianna introduced the bowl she made thinking of Stray Kids and her treasured quokka doll, enjoying a happy time. After the meeting, she said that she loves Stray Kids even more than before, and she will not forget the excitement of the meeting and will continue to support them.

It was an amazing and unforgettable special moment!

Tiffany Tan from Singapore is battling endocarditis due to a streptococcal infection. Stray Kids have been a source of strength during her difficult and exhausting fight against the illness. Despite the challenges, she eagerly looked forward to the day she could meet Stray Kids and diligently received treatment.

Stray Kids personally sang Tiffany's favorite songs, 'You're Doing Well' and 'CASE 143'. Seeing Stray Kids sing for her, Tiffany couldn't stop smiling. They also talked about what they enjoyed the most during their visit to Singapore and spent time getting to know each other through various questions.

After meeting Stray Kids, Tiffany gained even more confidence and was overjoyed that the time spent with her favorite group was truly amazing and unforgettable.