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Wish granted
: I wish to make memories with my friends using my own cellphone!

I want a cellphone to keep in touch with my friends.

(Han Ji-hye (pseudonym), 12 years old, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)


* Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is a blood cancer that originates from lymphocyte lineage cells in the blood and bone marrow. It occurs when immature white blood cells of the lymphocyte system proliferate excessively, suppressing normal hematopoietic function. It is defined as lymphoblastic leukemia when lymphoblasts make up more than 20% of the bone marrow or peripheral blood and mainly occurs in children.


* Han Ji-hye's (pseudonym) wish was fulfilled using the funds raised through the EDM Memorial Day Donation 4.1 Fundraiser.


Ji-hye was in the fourth grade of elementary school when she suddenly developed a high fever and leg pain. She visited a nearby hospital for treatment but there was no improvement. As the fever persisted, medical staff recommended going to a larger hospital, and after a thorough examination, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Ji-hye struggled a lot due to various side effects during the treatment process, but fortunately, she is now undergoing maintenance therapy as her treatment progress has improved.


The first meeting between the volunteers and Ji-hye, both exciting and unfamiliar

At the first meeting between the volunteers and Ji-hye, Ji-hye felt awkward and unfamiliar with the volunteer team, but as they got to know each other's hobbies and interests, she gradually opened her heart. When talking about her favorite games, she actively shared her own stories. Ji-hye sincerely enjoyed the process of discovering her wish.


"I want a cellphone to play games and keep in touch with my friends."

Ji-hye and the volunteer team discussed various topics, such as her favorite food and future aspirations, while preparing for Wish Day step by step. After much consideration, Ji-hye decided on her own wish. Ji-hye's long-pondered wish was to have a cellphone to play games and communicate with her friends.


Exciting Wish Day when Ji-hye's wish comes true

As the volunteer activities were conducted online, Ji-hye was disappointed that she couldn't meet the volunteer team in person. However, on Wish Day, everyone decided to meet in person and carry out the event, making Ji-hye very excited.

On the day her wish was granted, the volunteer team and Ji-hye greeted each other with warm smiles as if they were long-lost friends, finally seeing Ji-hye's face in person after only seeing her online.

The volunteer team first presented Ji-hye with a lettering cake to celebrate her Wish Day in front of the balloons and banners they had prepared, and sang the Wish Day celebration song.

Afterwards, they held a ceremony to award Ji-hye, who had endured a long and difficult treatment process with a positive attitude. Ji-hye's mother, sibling, and other family members congratulated her, creating a touching moment.


Surprise Wish Day event! - Coupon game

Through conversation, the volunteer team found out that Ji-hye enjoyed games, so they prepared a coupon game as a surprise event for her Wish Day. Ji-hye happily and carefully chose coupons from the various ones prepared by the volunteer team, and both the team and her family had content smiles on their faces upon seeing her bright expression.

Through the coupon game planned by the volunteer team, Ji-hye, her mother, and her sibling participated together, making it a fun time for the whole family.

In particular, the volunteer team felt very proud seeing Ji-hye's sparkling eyes and happy expression as she played the game and received surprise gifts.

Ji-hye's mother said, "That's great for our Ji-hye~ Open it quickly," and supported the enjoyable progress of Wish Day.

Ji-hye's sibling also held balloons and showed their happiness by congratulating her. With words of gratitude, Ji-hye's family felt as if they had received a special gift, and the Wish Day event concluded in an emotional atmosphere.

Volunteer Bae Yoon-hye

It was so nice to finally meet Ji-hye in person, as we couldn't meet due to the COVID-19 situation. Seeing her satisfied and enjoying the Wish Day that we had prepared diligently despite the challenging circumstances made me proud. After the Wish Day, Ji-hye's mother asked if children could join the volunteer team, and I think it would be wonderful if Ji-hye could volunteer together with us in the same foundation when she grows up.


Volunteer Choi Ha-young

It was rewarding and enjoyable to have a party with Ji-hye in person, after only seeing her through a screen. Especially, seeing her enjoying the coupon game made me think that preparing diligently was worth it. I hope Ji-hye will live a more positive life after receiving this gift.


Volunteer Kim Won-joon

I couldn't participate in the Wish Day event due to the risk of infection from cold symptoms, but I enjoyed participating in the preparation process. I watched the Wish Day through photos and videos received from other teachers and hope to have an opportunity to meet Ji-hye in person later.


We thank all the fans who contributed to making Ji-hye's wish come true.