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Wish granted
Every day, Every moment of Harang’s Wish-day

I wish to get my own tablet PC

(Lee Harang, 10 years old, Ewing sarcoma)


* Ewing sarcoma : It is a malignant tumor occurring in bones, and unlike an osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma sometimes occurs in extraskeletal other than bones, although the most of it occurs in bones. Also it occurs in the main bones as arms, legs and the central part of body(pelvis, spine) evenly.

* Lee Harang’s wish was achieved by the fund raised for J.Y. Park's 28th anniversary donation box.


When she became 8 years old, she went to hospital because of a lump under her collarbones, and by thorough medical examination she was diagnosed with the above disease. She has done 14 times of anti-cancer therapies and removing tumors, all the treatment was finished at March 2021 and currently in monitoring.

First meet of Harang and sisters!

Harang seemed really shy at first, but after we got closer to each other we got to know that she was so cute, bright and talkative. Harang showing her love for human and animals looked so lovely and we all were fascinated to her loveliness. After spending time with Harang the volunteer team noticed that Harang is interested in lots of things, especially idol groups and roblox game, and drawing.

 “Drawing makes me happy”

Harang loves to draw and she often draws regardless of tools such as on paper or cell phone. Her future dream is also webtoons writer or illustrator. Harang, who loves drawing and whose dream is drawing thought she could draw easily, or more professionally with tablet PC if she had one, and she thought of getting a tablet PC for her Wish. Volunteer teams asked Harang every time we met her if there’s any other Wishes she wanted but Harang always said she loves drawing and she wanted to get a tablet PC to draw more.

As she met volunteer teams she draw the whole team members’ faces and showed her love for the team. Volunteer team could also feel that drawing is the most thing Harang like and also it’s how she expresses her feelings.

Wish day for Harang!

The Wish-day Harang had waited and waited for, the whole volunteer team was so excited. Especially Harang waited for the day so much that she even set a D-Day on her Kakaotalk profile. Everything was all secrets to Harang that it was going to be held in a party room and would be conducted like a game, and we planned for a surprise Wish-day for Harang.


Harang who stepped into a party room that she had never expected, kept saying ‘Wow’ and looked around and around. She was so excited looking around everywhere. Harang’s parents were surprised too saying the party room was decorated so pretty. During taking photos Harang got to know that there were mission notes glued behind the photos and she really enjoyed the game running around the room. There were a few missions that Harang looked shy to complete as “Achieving Sisters’ Wishes” or “Kiss to Parents” but when her parents said she has to do that to get the tablet PC she stopped hesitating and immediately completed missions. After completing all the missions Harang finally got the tablet PC she wanted.

She seemed very surprised when she got a tablet PC, and she kept touching the iPad and saying ‘wow’ several times. Her parents congratulated her Wish-day with us and Harang spent time with the tablet PC learning how to use it and how to draw on it.

When she was focusing on her new tablet PC we finally gave her a cake as a surprise gift and Harang and her parents were so glad about the unexpected cute present.


Kang Hyo Volunteer

As I knew more about Wish-kid’s hobbies, what she likes and her dreams, the relationship had changed from a volunteer and a child to familiar sisters. At first time I saw her she looked tensed and shy but as we got to know each other she changed into a kid with happy and glad faces, and it had been all same to me too.

I think it’s Harang and her parents who always welcomed us with bright faces, and mostly our team who truly cared for Harang who made all this project a happy memory rather than just working.

Although Wish-day is over but I promised Harang to keep in touch until she becomes an adult so I hope I could cheer for her days in the future!


Kim Woo-Young Volunteer

I thought it was encouraging a Wish-kid but actually I was the one who was encouraged by the Wish-kid during the project. Seeing her welcoming us with bright faces and feeling bad whenever we had to leave I thought I want to give these moments to many other children too. Through this project both me and Wish-kid could grow and have a great time.

Even though it was my first project thanks to Harang and her nice parents, active teammates I could make this through good or bad times, and finish the project hoping there were more. I hope Harang be always healthy and also hope for other children who’re having incurable diseases experience happy world too.


Jo Minji Volunteer

I was worried about ‘what if I can’t get close to Wish-kid’ when I first participated in the Make-A-Wish volunteer team. But unlike the worries I had I could get close to Harang starting from the first day, and it was nice that it felt like just happily hanging out with Harang than doing a volunteer job. Especially seeing Harang loving the party room we decorated and getting excited doing the treasure hunt game made me proud. After Wish-day, I felt relieved that the project was successfully completed but also too bad that it was the end. Going to Busan every two weeks was hard sometimes, but I got courage by seeing Harang who always welcomed us with her bright face. Also, meeting nice people in the team made me participate in the project with efforts.


Choi Eun-Bin Volunteer

Preparing for the Wish-day, I also got to wait for the Wish-day expecting my Wish-kid Harang’s happy face with her gift. I learned that giving someone a gift makes both the giving and receiving person happy together. Although there were few mistakes in preparing procedure and there were lots of things to plan for Harang’s own day it was a great time with teammates getting close to each other. I felt too bad on the last day of project since the whole planning process was a happy memory with my teammates. It was incredibly sad to all of us to admit that the Wish-day was the last day of our project. Especially when Harang got her gift made us all proud and we thought we were really close to each other to feel that we still want to keep in touch in the future too. Also it was a memorable project that starting from a short volunteer project to getting precious friends.


Thank you to all the fans who helped together to make Harang’s wish come true!