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Wish granted
The process of finding a wish was like preparing and planning for my future.
Ga-eul's wish came true thanks to EDM Anniversary donation.

Ga-eul was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia in high school and could not attend school properly. Due to treatment, it reduced her chances of meeting with her friends and her relationship with her friends was getting difficult. While preparing for the entrance exams, diagnosis of leukemia, disconnection of relationships with friends, misunderstandings, and hard struggle with her disease became a big wound to Ga-eul’s heart and made her even more depressed.

By the time she met the volunteers, Ga-eul was a freshman in college, but her introvertedness was not much different from high school. Therefore, teachers tried to talk with Ga-eul like friends. One of the volunteers, who happened to major and work in the same field as Ga-eul, gave her advice and helped her choose the career path she had been thinking about.

The volunteers who sometimes were like friends, other times school seniors, gave her advice and helped her through the process of finding her wish. It felt as if hanging out with friends, and also it was like mentoring time. In the process, Ga-eul gained a lot of strength and was also very helpful in choosing an advanced major.

Ga-eul needed a computer for her hobbies such as playing computer games and drawing, as well as school lectures and assignments. She used a computer to study hard, relieve stress through hobby activities, and prepare for the future in good health. Also, because of the Coronavirus, she was not able to realize all of the dreams of college life that she expected, the volunteers decided to make everything that Ga-eul wants come true on her Wish Day.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

Ga-eul’s Wish Day was split into two parts.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.
The first part was spending time with family. It was focused on having a happy time and sharing gratitude with her family, who had been supportive during the most sensitive times. The award ceremony was emotional, but during the game time the air was filled with laughter. During the time when they answered each other's snack preferences, they shouted, "How can we not know each other's preferences?" but there were smiles all around.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

The second part was a pajama party with Ga-eul and volunteer where they could hangout and gossip. Although it was not in person, they each wore pajamas and prepared the same hairband and gathered in front of the camera to talk. Talking about college life, career, and ideal type, it was like a pajama party where one talked with friends until late at night. They even delivered Ga-eul’s present and had her open it making the atmosphere even more lively. 
While searching for a wish, Ga-eul became brighter and happier. Please continue to support Ga-eul so that she can prepare for the brighter future and have a wonderful college life.