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Wish granted
I want to relearn the violin I learned as a child and play it to my parents who love music.
*All donation goes directly to Make-A-Wish Korea. We are informing you that the organisation that collects and uses donations is the Make-A-Wish Korea.

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On your special day, share your happiness with JYP Entertainment artists to children with critical illnesses!

Please give your happiness to children who are suffering from critical diseases, such as favourite artist’s birthday, debut date, album release date, your birthday, first salary date, graduation, marriage, birth of a child, etc.

Support: “Give encouragement to”
Children visit a hospital because the fever did not go down or because they cannot digest well. Children who are diagnosed with critical illnesses start their long-term fighting in a hospital without having time to say goodbye to their friends. Even after finishing the tough treatments, they cannot go back to their former social life right away due to a weakened immune system. Please let them know and share your voice that they are not alone anymore and there are people cheering for them.

The power of a wish that let children to dream
Children with critical illnesses cannot run around and eat the food that they enjoy like they used to, but they use their imagination in dreaming their wishes. Someone becomes a princess who holds a great ball, or someone becomes a superhero who protects the city. Someone becomes a writer who writes their own story and someone becomes a painter who draws their life. Like this, even during their illnesses, children with critical illnesses continues to take steps to achieve their dream.

Please participate in the EDM anniversary donation so that children with critical diseases do not give up their dreams because they are sick, and that more children can join the wish journey where they can dream freely.

The donations will be delivered to the EDM project in the name of the donor and the artist. It will be used to fulfill the wishes of children with critical illnesses.

The more we share, the more joy goes to children! Celebrate your special day through the EDM anniversary donation so that it can be a special day for children with critical diseases as well.

[How to join EDM anniversary donation]
STEP 1. Donate 
Click the ‘Donate’ button.

STEP 2. Leave a message of support for children with critical diseases
After completing the donation, please leave a message of support for the children with critical diseases.

STEP 3. Apply for a Donation Certificate 
Please enter the information required to issue the donation certificate. A donation certificate will be issued with photo of your favourite artist.
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*A digital certificate will be sent to everyone who participated in the anniversary donation via email.
*For those who sponsor more than 50,000KRW (50 USD), a hard-copied donation certificate will be delivered to the mail address you left at the time of application.

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The more your love builds up, the more sick children can achieve their dreams.
Join us so that the good influence of artists and fans can reach far!

Kyungmin's wish came true thanks to EDM Anniversary donation.



I want to relearn the violin I learned as a child and play it to my parents who love music.


Kyung-min, who was diagnosed with “acute liver failure of unknown cause” due to sudden deterioration of liver function, also received an encourage to have a liver transplant, however, during the treatment, he was also diagnosed with “aplastic anemia.” After he received all these diagnosis, his time has stopped.


It took quite a long time to find his wish. Although he has a bright personality, when he was not feeling well because of painful treatment, he did not talk to anyone because he was not motivated in anything, therefore it was difficult to find his wish.

Due to his poor medical condition, he stopped the process of making his wish sometimes, and changed his decisions many times because it was hard for him to choose special wish.

Volunteers were considerate of him and waited for him to respect all of his choices.

After about a year, the event of “Wish Day” was finally held on May 8, 2021.



I want to relearn the violin I learned as a child and play it to my parents who love music.”


As he had been living in the hospital room for a long time, it was only pleasure for him to watch a video on the phone.

He was very impressed with the way the main character played the violin in the drama “Sherlock”, which he enjoyed watching, and it reminded him of himself learning the violin in his childhood.

He thought to himself “I want to play the violin like him.” It was a moment that he felt something that he wants to do after a long interval.

He wanted to thank for his father who received a surgery of stem cell transplantation for him and his mother taking care of him on temporary bed.

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We could find out his wish earlier than we expected but the volunteer team and him prepared several months to hold the perfect event of “Wish Day.”


First, he picked up the violin that sounded the greatest to him, and took lessons to learn about technique of playing the violin again.

Following the discharge schedule, the teacher came to his house several times for violin lessons.

In the meantime, his health has improved a lot, so he could return to school. Little by little, he was getting better and he was happy about it.

Unlike in the past, when he did not want to do anything because of a helpless feeling, now he tries to practice violin without anyone asking him to do it.



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Finally, the long-awaited Parent’s Day and Kyungmin’s Wish Day has come.


He is dressed up in a nice suit that is prepared by the volunteers, and his parents were invited to the living room to enjoy his small concert.


Although he is still poor at playing, he could play three kinds of songs in front of his parents, and his parents felt so overwhelmed by his playing.


His feelings of gratitude and sorry toward parents. It was well delivered to them with a full of love through music.

Thanks to all of you, we were able to hold the “Wish Day” successfully that can convey a greater emotion than a hundred words, and his family once again felt love toward one another and cheered up.

Thank you.