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Wish granted
The loving support of Hanbyul embedded in her paintings


* All donation goes directly to Make-A-Wish Korea. We are informing you that the organisation that collects and uses donations is the Make-A-Wish Korea.


* Due to the change in the fundraising system, We inform you that the donations you donated will be reflected in the next day.



이미지 설명을 입력해주세요. 



On your special day, please give hope and courage to children with incurable diseases with JYP Entertainment artists that you support!



What is an EDM Anniversary Donation?

It is a donation program that distributes the happiness of all my special anniversaries, including the birthday, debut date, and album release date of artists you support, your birthday, graduation, first salary, marriage, and the birth of children.



How to participate in the EDM anniversary donation?

STEP 1. Anniversary donation

Click the ‘donation’ button.

STEP 2. Leave a message of support for children with incurable diseases

After completing the donation, Please leave a message of support that will be delivered to the children with incurable diseases.

STEP 3. Apply for the Donation certificate

Please enter the necessary information for the donation certificate issuance.

A donation certificate with a photo of your favorite artists is issued.

[Apply for the Certificate (Click Here)]

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Notes for donation certificate application

Please apply for the donation certificate through the Google Form link 'Apply for the donation certificate' above.

If you want to make a DIY donation certificate, please upload the photo you want to make together.

Please make sure to enter the source of the photo.

Caution, Only the DISCOGRAPHY album cover photo and GALLERY photo on artists’ official website can be used. If the source is unclear or violates artists’ right to portrait, an EDM the donation certificate with the artists’ basic image inserted will be issued!

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

* Example - Basic V3. real donation certificate image




* Example - DIY real donation certificate image


How are the donations used?

The anniversary donation are delivered to the Make-A-Wish Korea through the EDM project under the name of the donor and artists, and are used to fulfill the wishes of Han-byeol WishKid, to becoming a painter,



Han byul Lee / Born in 2002 / Acute lymphocytic leukemia

‘I'd like to present my paintings to children with incurable diseases like me!’


In the fall of 13, Hanbyul, who visited a large hospital with swelling under his chin, was unexpectedly diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


It was a small sketchbook that made me endure the long illness, narrow ward, and tedious chemotherapy. He naturally began to take an interest in painting by expressing everyday moments in a white sketchbook, and when immersed in painting, he was able to forget all the pain as if he had been given a painkiller.


Hanbyul found out that there's nothing he can't overcome when he has a dream.

He sincerely supports children who are struggling with the disease like him to have a "dream they want to achieve."

He hopes that his happy feelings will spread to more children every time he draws a picture, presenting postcards and key rings that he designed himself.

Please join us so that Hanbyul's pretty heart can spread far and wide!

'Please be with us so that your happiness can be Hanbyul’s dream on a special day!'

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

Han byul Lee (Left), Hand Drawn Postcards

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

The power of wish that allows children with incurable diseases to dream

The hospital they were confined to after for sudden high fever and pain. There, the children diagnosed with incurable diseases begin their long battles at the hospital without even having time to say hello to their friends. Even after a long tunnel-like treatment, it is impossible to lead a life as before due to weakened immunity.

They can't play as much as they used to, and they can't eat their favorite food, but children with incurable diseases imagine their wishes. Please participate in donation of EDM anniversary so that more children can dream freely so that they do not give up on their dreams because they are sick.



The more love you have, the more children with incurable diseases can achieve their dreams.

Please join us so that the good influence of artists and fans can reach far!


*Hanbyul's wish was fulfilled using the amount donated to the EDM Anniversary Donation V3 fundraiser.

The loving support of Hanbyul embedded in her paintings

I wish every single kid who receives the postcard has the courage to say “I can do it.”


I want to offer my drawings as a gift to all children with incurable diseases like me!
Hanbyul Lee/Born in 2002/acute lymphocytic leukemia


The children in the drawings are shown achieving anything they want. Some are pilots conquering the skies and others skillfully playing the piano. Some are firefighters and police officers who protect us. The artist who painted the drawings above with the desire to see all sick children fulfilling their dreams is Hanbyul Lee, a Wishid, who is struggling with acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Hanbyul who accidentally came across with drawing during her tedious hospital stay, she learned what happiness is all about through drawing. She's had the dream of becoming a wonderful writer who'd convey happiness and hope, and then one day she was given the chance to make that dream come true,  and Hanbyul was finally able to realize her long-cherished wish.


“I want my drawings to be delivered to many children.”

Make-A-Wish and JYP EDM decided to produce Han Byeoli's work as postcards and keyrings in order to fulfill her wish. Hanbyul was careful to choose the type of paper of the postcard, the weight per paper, and the thickness of the key ring herself. She couldn't wait to get the finished work in her hands. One week later, when one Hanbyul's postcards and key rings arrived at the Foundation, excitement filled up the place.