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Wish granted
I want to become healthy again.
*All donation goes directly to Make-A-Wish Korea. We are informing you that the organisation that collects and uses donations is the Make-A-Wish Korea.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

On your special day, share your happiness with JYP Entertainment artists to children with critical illnesses!

Please give your happiness to children who are suffering from critical diseases, such as favourite artist’s birthday, debut date, album release date, your birthday, first salary date, graduation, marriage, birth of a child, etc.

Support: “Give encouragement to”
Children visit a hospital because the fever did not go down or because they cannot digest well. Children who are diagnosed with critical illnesses start their long-term fighting in a hospital without having time to say goodbye to their friends. Even after finishing the tough treatments, they cannot go back to their former social life right away due to a weakened immune system. Please let them know and share your voice that they are not alone anymore and there are people cheering for them.

The power of a wish that let children to dream
Children with critical illnesses cannot run around and eat the food that they enjoy like they used to, but they use their imagination in dreaming their wishes. Someone becomes a princess who holds a great ball, or someone becomes a superhero who protects the city. Someone becomes a writer who writes their own story and someone becomes a painter who draws their life. Like this, even during their illnesses, children with critical illnesses continues to take steps to achieve their dream.

Please participate in the EDM anniversary donation so that children with critical diseases do not give up their dreams because they are sick, and that more children can join the wish journey where they can dream freely.

The donations will be delivered to the EDM project in the name of the donor and the artist. It will be used to fulfill the wishes of children with critical illnesses.

The more we share, the more joy goes to children! Celebrate your special day through the EDM anniversary donation so that it can be a special day for children with critical diseases as well.

[How to join EDM anniversary donation]
STEP 1. Donate 
Click the ‘Donate’ button.

STEP 2. Leave a message of support for children with critical diseases
After completing the donation, please leave a message of support for the children with critical diseases.

STEP 3. Apply for a Donation Certificate 
Please enter the information requ이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.ired to issue the donation certificate. A donation certificate will be issued with photo of your favourite artist.

* A digital certificate will be sent to everyone who participated in the anniversary donation via email. An online certificate will be sent every Tuesday.
*For those who sponsor more than 50,000 won(50 USD), a hard-copied donation certificate will be delivered to the mail address you left at the time of application.
* Anniversary giving certificate DIY Type Notice
: A "DIY type anniversary giving certificate" has been released that can hold a variety of photos of artists!
!!!To protect the portrait rights of your favourite artist, only DISCOGRAPHY album cover photos and GALLERY photos can be used on the artist's official website.
Please upload the photo you want from the Google Form link at the top and leave the source of the photo.
If the source is unclear or goes against the artist's portrait rights, a default version of certificate will be issued.
이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

The more your love builds up, the more sick children can achieve their dreams.
Join us so that the good influence of artists and fans can reach far!

Pyeong-ahn's wish came true using the amount donated to the EDM anniversary donation box.

I want to become healthy again.


Pyeong-ahn Lee was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia after a close examination at a large hospital due to persistent high fever and lethargy in May 2018. Since then, he has been undergoing continuous chemotherapy.

As a result of his long battle with illness, his relationships with his friends are gradually falling apart. He is having a difficult time as much that he wants to give up his life due to the side effects of the chemotherapy drugs he was taking, such as depression, rapid weight gain, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.


Pyeong-ahn had a lot of worries before he made a wish.

His first wish was to meet Pastor Ki-seong Yoo of the Good Shepherd Church, who gave him strength through his words on YouTube whenever he was having a hard time while fighting the disease. And the second wish was for Pyeong-ahn, who dreams of becoming a CCM singer-songwriter, to hold a Christmas performance with CCM minister Chanmi Cho.


However, as Pyeong-ahn's depression worsened and the Covid-19 situation got worsened, it became difficult to arrange the meeting and performance. After thinking about it over and over again, Pyeong-ahn's final wish was to recover his deteriorated health due to depression and binge eating caused by the side effects of anti-cancer drugs. To fulfill Pyeong-ahn's wish to restore his healthy body and spirit, it was decided to find mentors and assistants. To help him regain a healthy body and spirit by exercising healthily, we looked for a fitness center near Pyeong-ahn's house and recruited a PT trainer.



The day when Pyeong-ahn's wishes came true


To celebrate his wish day, Pyeong-ahn invited family members and mentors to hold wish day.

First, Pyeong-ahn expressed his gratitude by delivering the certificate written by him to his parents and sisters.

And Pyeong-ahn received a one-year fitness PT pass and a tailored T-shirt to wear while exercising. At that, he started with size XL, but it was the time when he decided to work out hard until could wear size L and M.


Lastly, through the wish balloon, Pyeong-ahn was cheered for his hard work, and he flew his wishes in the ballon to the sky to make a light start.

[ Volunteer Seonah Kang’s thoughts on Wish Day ]

It was the hardest wish day due to Covid-19, but it was more meaningful because we were able to finish it safely.

Pyeong-ahn's emotional ups and downs were too severe, and there were many difficulties such as crises and unexpected emergencies during the meeting with the volunteers, but I will pray and support earnestly that Pyeong-ahn recovers his physical and spiritual health so that the hard work of many people and the foundation was not in vain



[ Pyeong-ahn's thank you letter ]

These are notes and gifts prepared by Pyeong-ahn for the volunteer family.



It was a difficult time of preparation, but through wish day, I wish Pyeong-ahn would overcome the difficulties on his own and became physically and spiritually healthy. I cheer for him to see healthy Pyeong-ahn a year later!