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Wish granted
I would like to introduce my younger sister ‘Coco’.

"We are grateful towards the fans who supported the dreams of children with critical illnesses."

In celebration of J.Y.Park's birthday on December 13,

J.Y. Park's fan Soulmate's J.Y. Park's Happy Birthday donation has been made.

Fans' heartful funds will be used to help children with critical illnesses continue to dream their hopes. 

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

Garam's wish was realized using the donation by fans of J.Y. Park.

I would like to introduce my younger sister ‘Coco’.


Garam was diagnosed with leukodystrophia, leukodystrophy through genetic testing. Garam received another person's hematopoietic stem cells in June 2019 to prevent serious illness, and although it showed skin host reactions after transplant, he is currently recovering health with his unique loveliness.


Oh man, Garam is a lovely boy. He is not shy enough to share stories without hesitation even with people he met for the first time. When Garam appears, the surrounding area is filled with bright energy.

Garam, who knows how to share because he grew up receiving love, said that it was his wish to meet his special sister. Who is that special little sister?



Meeting with the volunteer team.

When meeting with the volunteer team for the first time, Garam, who has a lot of curiosity and likes things such as bunk beds, travel, and piano, wanted to raise a pet.


Garam is currently fighting against the disease, so the doctor's permission was necessary to raise a pet. Garam finally got permission as he recovered enough to stop taking one medicine and raise a dog. So, we decided to adopt a dog.

And Garam, who wanted to meet his younger sister, a pet, who would grow up with him by sharing memories, was looking forward to meeting her.



The day Garam meets her sister Coco

* Wish Day was conducted untact for the reasons of the increasing number of Covid-19 confirmed cases and Garam with weak immunity.

Garam named his sister 'Coco' before the wish day and waited for the day to meet her. Finally, on the wish day, Garam, family, and new family sister Coco got together.

Coco followed Garam around as if she had lived with him for a long time. Because her pretty younger sister, Garam's happy smile never disappeared throughout the wish day.

The volunteer team prepared various pet supplies, such as a house, stairs, carrier, and tableware, for his adopted Coco, and ended the wish day by presenting them successfully.


In fact, Garam's wish came true after almost a year. His medical conditions were also one of the preventive reasons, but the preparation period was long due to the family’s opinion that they could not easily decide to adopt a puppy.

Coco's existence is more precious because they met after a long wait, Garam and his family said. "It was a difficult decision, so we will be together with more responsibility."

Thanks to the interest of many people, Garam may have been happier to meet his special little sister on her one-time wish day.


Lovely news arrived while writing a review. It was that Coco was sticking to Garam. She’s already showing her love for oppa.

I hope that the two siblings, who are small and cut

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.