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Wish granted
I want to make Stray Kids happy since they made me happy!
I want to make Stray Kids happy since they made me happy!

Hiwa Tendo (17 years old) who lives in Japan and Seven Mai (17 years old) who lives in Australia met some very special guests.
These guests were none other than Stray Kids who were very encouraging during their struggle against diseases.

이미지 설명을 입력해주세요.

“Stray Kids are my greatest source of energy when I fight my illness!”

Hiwa (17, Japan) suffers from a rare disease called DSRCT, desmoplastic small round cell tumors which are tumors that grow in the abdomen area.

Hiwa became a fan of Stray Kids when she was first admitted to the hospital to start her fight against the disease. She was encouraged each day by looking at pictures of Stray Kids, listening to their music and watching videos of them.

“During my first hospitalization, I became a fan of Stray Kids. And I've spent every day watching their photos and videos. I get a lot of power from their performances, Instagram photos, and videos on their YouTube channel. They are so cool and I'm always so excited to see them. When I had a relapse of my illness, it was very hard for me. But I was very much supported by them. I am enjoying my second hospital stay because of Stray Kids.”
-Letter from Hiwa-

Hiwa wanted to meet Stray Kids who were helpful during her struggle and knocked on the door of Make-A-Wish.
Her desperate wish was relayed to JYP Entertainment through Make-A-Wish Japan and Make-A-Wish Korea and Hiwa was finally able to meet Stray Kids.

Due to COVID-19, they could only meet online. Stray Kids was preparing for a comeback with their new album, but they were all one in heart to meet Hiwa.
As soon as Hiwa met Stray Kids, she shed tears of joy.
Stray Kids found out the day before their meeting was Hiwa’s birthday, so they sang happy birthday for her in Japanese and Hiwa couldn’t stop crying.

Hiwa read a letter of introduction in Korean that she wrote herself and they exchanged questions about each other. She had a great time and the meeting ended with a message of encouragement from Stray Kids.
Contrary to the first moment they met, Hiwa drew a huge heart for Stray Kids with a happy smile instead of tears.

Another person who met Stray Kids was Steven (17, Australia).
Steven suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy which is muscular degeneration and weakness from a lack of muscular development due to an abnormality in the muscular stem cells.
Steven received much strength and comfort from the music of Stray Kids. He relayed that to JYP Entertainment through Make-A-Wish Australia and Make-A-Wish Korea and they were able to meet online.

“I’m very happy to call myself a ‘Stay’ (their fandom name)”

As an Australian, Steven became a fan of Stray Kids because of their various charm including Korean-Australian members, BANG CHAN and FELIX. If he met Stray Kids, he wanted to make them smile and ask them everything he was curious about.
Steven is in love with Stray Kids not only for their music and performance, but also for their humane charm.