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Wish granted
I want to share my cookies!
*All donation goes directly to Make-A-Wish Korea. We are informing you that the organisation that collects and uses donations is the Make-A-Wish Korea.

The house is filled with a sweet, toasty aroma.  When the timer rings, Eunsu runs towards the oven with a big smile.

Still a little 12-year-old girl
Eunsu visited a local hospital after having continuous high fever and toothache. She took antibiotics for more than a month, but her symptoms did not get any better.  She was advised that it would be prudent to get an accurate diagnosis; therefore, she visited a university hospital and she was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma*. 
*Malignant lymphoma: a cancer that starts anywhere in the body’s lymphatic system

The doctor explained the disease to Eunsu in a manner she could understand and the many tests and difficult treatments she will have to undergo. Instead of distress, Eunsu calmly accepted her diagnosis and began her long journey to fight the disease. 

At times, she was placed in a sterile room for long term care and continued to receive chemotherapy treatments even while her liver condition was deteriorating to the point of liver cirrhosis.  Although Eunsu accepted her illness in maturity beyond her years, she is still a 12-year-old girl.  The illness began to takes its toll as it progressed.  Her treatments became harder to bear and even more so because she began to lose touch with her friends.  She sometimes wished to skip her chemotherapy sessions and high intensity maintenance treatments to be with her friends.

“Baking time is the happiest moment for me!”
Eunsu has loved making things using tools like Doraemon since she was six years old.  Once she sets her sights on a goal, she becomes more determined and focused to fulfill her goal.  Spending most of her time at home, she discovered an interest in baking and unable to attend school in her weakened physical condition from her treatments, she attended baking classes with her mom.  Her dream was found?baking!  It brings her great joy to be able to display the bread and cookies she baked in the potteries that she made herself.  Even greater is her joy when she is able to share the macarons and cookies with her doctors and nurses who takes care of her.

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[Pictures of baking and pottery by Eunsu]

Two months to acquire the craftsman breads making license
Eunsu was 11 years old when she knocked at the door of a baking academy.  A teacher at the academy was skeptical about whether she could pass the written test because it contains unfamiliar terms.  There is no age limit for the test, but on exam day, the supervisor was surprised to see Eunsu who is an elementary school student.  On the same day, Eunsu had chemotherapy in the afternoon, but she still managed to pass the test.  It took her two months to get the certificate, normally it takes one year for applicants among her age to achieve this feat.

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[Eunsu, baking bread]

I want to share my healthy breads with you!!
After acquiring a baking craftsman license, Eunsu became more interested in baking and wants to become a bakery owner who sells bread made of good and healthy ingredients.  During her free time, Eunsu reads baking and confectionery books and watches YouTube videos about baking.  If she has questions, she takes pictures and asks her teacher about her work to get feedback.  Day by day, Eunsu’s dream is growing.

The day her dream comes true, she would like to throw a baking party to share the healthy breads that she baked with her friends, her family and people she wants to thank.  The bread that Eunsu made with her heart will bring warmth to everyone.

The most enjoyable time at home for Eunsu is when she is baking, and the most enjoyable day of the week is when she goes to her baking class.  Thanks to her efforts, Eunsu’s dream is growing bigger day by day, like the rising bread in the oven.  The day Eunsu hosts her baking party and becomes a patissier for a day, she will be one step closer to her dream of making good, healthy bread after a long journey of fighting her disease and enduring chemotherapy.  Please join Eunsu’s baking party!

Hope people can feel the warmth of my cookies


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Do you remember Eun-soo who wanted to become a patissier?

The sharp-eyed child is looks at the temperature of the oven and checks the timer. It's been three years since she’s been diagnosed with malignant lymphoma. Eun-soo had a hard time going back and forth between home and the hospital during her treatment, but she felt joy making bread and cookies and distributing them to people around her.

Even while tired due to chemotherapy, she wore her apron and got ready to bake bread once more.


My wish is to present the cookies I make to other people.

For Eun-soo who wanted to bake and give cookies to those she is grateful for, it was decided to gift an oven with a variety of functions. With a bright expression, she received the oven and started practicing.

"This is an oven just for you, Eun-soo!"


<Bread and cookies which Eun-soo made>

Eun-soo baked bread and cakes on days without chemotherapy.  Passionate about her skills, she was proudly certified as a baker at the end of December 2020.

“I want to learn properly at a cooking class.”

Eun-soo contacted Make-A-Wish Korea, saying that she wanted to learn how to make cookies properly at a cooking studio in Itaewon.  So at the end of January, Eun-soo participated in an one-day class as the youngest patissier at the studio.

“Does it come out in a different shape based on the angle of the piping bag?”

"What’s the taste difference between a sifted madeleine and a non-sifted madeleine?"

Eun-soo's questions continued throughout the baking class, which lasted about three hours from the early morning.

A proud smile spread on her face as a sweet smell filled the studio. She wants to set up a great cooking studio like this place in the future and teach people the joy of making cookies. It was a moment when Eun-soo's dream of becoming a great patissier came a step closer.

Pondering after the cooking class, Eun-soo said this:

“I want to gift the next cookies I make to the medical staff at the COVID-19 screening clinics.”

Soon after the cooking class, Eun-soo’s house is filled with the scent of baking cookies. She carefully bakes cookies, checking the temperature and making sure they’re the proper shape.

"I've been seeing a lot of COVID-19 screening clinics nearby, and every time the medical staff there really are working hard. So I want to give the cookies I'm making as a gift to the clinic."


The 100 cookies Eun-soo prepared were wrapped beautifully with handwritten letters.

Theywere delivered to COVID-19 Screening Clinic at Seoul National University Hospital where Eun-soo is being treated. Eun-soo wishes that the cookies she gifted would give even a little bit of strength to others. ?


“What’s your dream now, Eun-soo?” “I want to be a patissier who enjoys their work.”

Eun-soo feels happiest when she bakes. She feels great that she can do what she loves and make others happy.

She not only loves the bread and cookies that she makes, but the process of baking. Please cheer on Eun-soo to become a wonderful patissier that spreads joy to people!