• Q05
    What is the tax deductions for donations made to the Make-A-Wish Korea?
    (only for foreigner having alien registration No.) The donation receipt will be issued on the date the donation is deposited. Please refer to the announcement regarding the issuing of the donation receipt for the annual year-end settlement. If you have any other questions, please mail edm@wish.or.kr
  • Q04
    Can I get a refund on my donation?
    No, donations are not to be refunded. Donations will be refunded only for the reasons of faults by the Make-A-Wish Korea Branch, such as serious violation of the donation-related regulations or incorrectly claimed donations due to the errors in the service application or reception. You may request for a refund in written statement, email, or fax. 

  • Q03
    Could foreigners make donations?
    Foreigners holding credit cards issued overseas can make donations through PayPal.
  • Q02
    I would like to receive the donation receipt to receive tax deductions at the year-end settlement.
    (only for foreigner having alien registration No.)
    Make-A-Wish Korea Branch is issuing donation receipts (National Tax Service Form) for sponsors to receive tax deductions at the year-end settlement, and the detail is as follows.
    ● Issued for: Sponsors who have donated in the pertaining year
    ● Issuing period: Donations deposited from Jan. 1 - Dec. 31
    ● Delivery method: 
       1) Can be checked and issued from NTS Year-end Settlement Simplification Service (opens in mid-January)
       2) Can be printed out from the donation receipt menu after logging in the Donation Page (https://bit.ly/2UiVBx5) (available at all times)

  • Q01
    Is donation being used in transparent manner?
    All donations will directly go to and be used by Make-A-Wish Korea and JYP has nothing to with the use of funds. 

    Make-A-Wish Korea is proud of the way it manages and safeguards the generous contributions from individual donors, corporations and other organizations.

    Make-A-Wish Korea has been receiving separate external accounting evaluations by Daeju Accounting Corp. since 2007, apart from the internal accounting evaluations. In addition, an audit report is submitted to the Make-A-Wish International  every year. Operating in 50 countries around the world, Make-A-Wish is being evaluated as one of the best charity organizations in terms of transparency and reliability from Charity Navigator, a leading US rating agency. 

For any other enquiries, please contact us via email(edm@wish.or.kr)