EDM Fan Donation Open!
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Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.
JYP Entertainment (hereafter, JYPE) has established a partnership with Make-A-Wish Korea and launched an initiative named “EDM(Every Dream Matters!)” as the company’s featured CSR program. Through this initiative, JYPE supports wish-granting of children with critical illnesses. 

Since the [JYP_EDM Wish] website has launched last January, and thanks to the support of fans and donors, the donations are being filled one by one to fulfill the dreams of children with critical illnesses. The messages you left for the kids after the donation have created miracles to overcome the fight against their disease. Thank you again for your meaningful participation in the EDM project, which supports the dreams of sick children. 

In the meantime, JYPE artists have been working with EDM social contribution activities, various campaigns by Make-A-Wish, and have made efforts to convey the good influence of artists and fans to the children with critical illnesses. We would like to open an EDM Fan Donation to deliver hope to children with critical diseases and share the love of fans for artists.

Any JYP artist fan can apply for the fan donation, and a donation box for one child will be opened under the name of the artist and fandom (general donation, without any assigned child is possible as well). Please understand that Make-A-Wish does not allocate specific children to protect the privacy of children with critical diseases, and to prevent discrimination. Make-A-Wish will prioritize children who have waited long for their wish to come true.

On the child’s wish come true day, supported by the Fan Donation, a banner with the artist's logo will be with them to cheer for their dreams. In addition, all donors who contribute to the Fan Donation box will be issued a donation certificate with the photo of your favourite artist. 

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STEP 1. Apply for a Fan Donation box
Apply for opening a Fan Donation box at the link below

STEP 2. Waiting for opening a fan donation box
Make-A-Wish Korea will review the application, assign a child, and contact you.

STEP 3. Open a fan donation box
A Fan Donation box will be opened after completing the child assignment and designing work.
*The target amount for each fan donation box is between 3,000,000 KRW and 5,000,000 KRW, and the exact amount will be set according to the wishes of the assigned child. (1KRW = 1,100 USD)
<Example image of a donation box>
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STEP 4. Fulfilling a fan donation box
Please share the news about the opening of the Fan Donation box on Social Networks! With the love of fans, the dreams of children with critical illnesses grow together.

STEP 5. Receiving the donation certificate
After the Fan Donation box is fulfilled, a hard-copy certificate will be sent to the founder (who applied the box) by post. The digital certificate will be emailed to all donors participating in the fan donation.

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Every Dream Matters!
Please join us in order to create a world that anyone can dreamThank you.