#고마워요나의별, Message from GOT7 Jinyoung

Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.
JYP Entertainment (hereafter, JYPE) has established a partnership with Make-A-Wish Korea and launched an initiative named “EDM (Every Dream Matters!)” as the company’s featured CSR program. Through this initiative, JYPE supports the wish-granting of children with critical illnesses.

Children who realised their wish through Make-A-Wish did not give up their dream and keep fighting their illness.
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Make-A-Wish, the Korea Chapter launched the campaign named ‘#고마워요나의별’ (“Thank you my star”) to show appreciation towards all supporters and to show the power of wish-granting.

One of JYPE’s artists-GOT7- participated in this campaign. GOT7 supported a child’s dream through the <KEEP SPINNING, KEEP DREAMING with GOT7> project and joined the Global Hope campaign to cheer up children with critical illnesses who are waiting to realise their dreams.

In 2019, a girl named Karime made her trip from the USA to South Korea to realise her dream: meeting GOT7 during their KEEP SPINNING World Tour. The day she was diagnosed with her disease, she saw GOT7 on TV by chance and that moment changed her day from the worst day to a beautiful day.
Karime tagged GOT7 on Instagram to join the ‘#고마워요나의별’ (“Thank you my star”) campaign by thanking them for giving her this beautiful day and hoping to meet them in person.
Thanks to this, she was flown to South Korea to realise her dream of meeting GOT7 at one of their concerts.
After this she sent a video message to GOT7 to thank them for realising her dream.
Jinyoung from GOT7 answered to Karime, saying that GOT7 could get hope and strength through Karime’s bright smile and her optimism during their meeting at the concert.

The #고마워요나의별 (“Thank you my star”) campaign Jinyoung joined donates 10,000KRW for each post and the donation will go to Make-A-Wish for children who are fighting against their diseases. 
If you are not tagged, you can join this campaign with a video, a photo, or why not a handwritten letter.
Why don’t we all send a ‘thank you’ message to a person that we cherish and send hope to children with critical illnesses?
The more heartful mind gather, the more hope goes to children who are fighting against their disease. 

Support another child's dream
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